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                Bete Crane

                Excellent Crawler Crane Supplier in China

                Wide range of applications

                Not only to buy Industrial machinery and equipment, but also the wealth of the mining machine!

                Why Choose Bete Crawler Crane

                Not only to buy Industrial machinery and equipment, but also the wealth of the mining machine!

                Join us
                as our best partner on the road to business

                We constantly seek and pursue excellence, and do our utmost for the development of China's electric power and railways. In line with the business philosophy of honesty, security, professionalism, practicality and service, the company wants what customers want and urgently needs customers, and has been recognized and trusted by customers and friends!
                Beit Machinery is a scientific and technological enterprise which integrates scientific research, development, production and service. It specializes in the production research and leasing business of spider crane, small crane, new energy crane, small crane and micro crawler crane. The company has strong technical force and R&D team, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, strong production and R&D capabilities. The company always takes R&D as the cornerstone, quality as the lifeline and service as the fundamental concept, provides customers with excellent products and perfect professional services, so that products enjoy a wide reputation in domestic and foreign markets.MORE

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                Bete (Hangzhou) Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.

                Address: No. 159 Xingye Street, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
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